You will be able to take full of control on your NDIS budget, whilst having a AAA Associates to pay your bills and keep records of them. You choose your own supports, while we protect you by managing your money in a consistent and transparent way.
No. Our fees do not come out of your support budget if your NDIS plan already includes Plan Management, which is called "Improved Life Choices". If your plan does not have Plan Management option, please contact us for information on how to include the plan management in your NDIS plan.
Plan Management gives you the freedom to make all the choices without any hassles of managing the paperwork. It will take stress out from you of managing your NDIS budget. Plan management of your NDIS funding from us gives you more options and more time to enjoy the life you want.
There are 3 Options:
  • You can choose to have the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) managed your NDIS plan
  • You can choose to have Self-managed your NDIS plan
  • You could choose a Plan Managed like AAA Associates who can work with you to determine the best approach to maximising the benefits of your plan

Why Plan Managed is Better than Agency Managed and Self-Managed
BenefitsPlan ManagedSelf ManagedAgency Managed
No out of pocket cost to you or from your NDIS PlanYesYesYes
Access to NDIA Registered providersYesYesYes
Access to NDIA non-registered providersYesYesNo
Freedom from Complex paper work and payment issuesYesNoYes
Pay bills and make NDIA Portal claims on your behalfYesNoYes
Keep full records of all invoices/receipts on your behalfYesNoYes
Power to approve providers paymentsYesYesNo
Reimburse NDIS plan related expensesYesYesNo
Reimburse NDIS plan related continence aid bought from local supermarketYesYesNo
Receive copies of all invoicesYesYesYes
No need to set up and manage a separate bank accountYesNoYes
No bound by $$ cap of the NDIS price guideYesYesNo
No need to make service booking through the NDIA portal to reserve fundYesYesNo
If your approved NDIS plan sates "Improved Life Choices" then you got Plan Managed option already there.
When you go in to your NDIS planning meeting let the planner know that you would like to have Plan Management option on your NDIS plan. If your plan does not have Plan Management option, please contact us for information on how to include the plan management in your NDIS plan.
Yes you can. Being plan managed you can choose any provider whether they are registered with NDIS or not. You can also save your time commitment of paying bills and stress of keeping all financial records for up to 5 years that comes with self-management.

As a plan managed participant, you choose the services you use, the providers you engage, and how much of your budget you allocate for them. You maintain total control over when and how those services are delivered.
We monitor the health of your budget and manage expectations, helping you stay on track to manage your budget to achieving your goals.
  • You access services and your providers or you send us invoices.
  • We claim from the NDIS and pay the providers on your behalf.
  • If you are required to pay for anything upfront, simply provide us with the receipts and we will reimburse you directly.
  • We send you monthly statements to help you track your plan spending.
We will inform you of every invoice we process, so you're able to review and stay fully up-to-dated with NDIS support budget spending.
All documents are securely stored for five years, so if you're chosen for an audit, we have you covered. No one outside our teams have access to your information.