About Us
AAA Associates is a NDIA registered service provider who provides Plan Management and Support Coordination services independently to the NDIS Participants

NDIS Provider Number: 4050 031 087

AAA Associates provides independent Plan Management and Support Coordination services to implement your NDIS plan and budget, without having any conflict of interest or bias to any service providers. We are passionate about empowering people, and love sharing our knowledge and experience of the disability, ageing and community sectors.

As carers for our 5 year old daughter with multiple disabilities including complex medical, physical and mental disorders who needs high care we are no strangers to the services of the NDIS.  Our daughters care has put great pressure, stress and hardship on our life in finding the necessary and reasonable services to support our daughter, often without much success.

We have now come out to the community as a registered Plan Manager to support people with disabilities, their families and carers to achieve their goals and aspirations.

With a Master’s degree in Accounting and extensive experience in accounting, budgeting and invoicing within the Federal and State Government organisations, disability and aged care industries and private accounting practice and membership of CPA Australia we are well placed to provide you with the service you need..

We participate in community activities, conferences, seminars and information sessions related to people with disabilities and found that many have even more difficult trials than us, and need more support.  Based on this we started to increase our involvement in voluntary activities and assisted several families to access better services and support.  We also meet families and carers who have not heard about the NDIS or have no idea how to link in there.  

 We also meet families who do not feel comfortable to go out to the community with their disability and share their pain. We are actively encouraging them to come out from their fear and come to terms with their situation and try to make it better for them to navigate their options.